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Queensland Roadtrip; Take 1


Geez…where do I even begin? Bryan and I decided on Saturday night to go on a roadtrip. Nothing planned, nothing booked. We just decided to drive, and when we decided to pull over, we would.

Sunday, Bryan’s climbing club in Townsville was doing some sports climbing on some rock on a place called Mount Stuart. This was the first time I would climb real rock and all I have to say is that indoor rock does not even come close to preparing you for this. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Attaching new lines to the top of the wall, tying the belay/ climbing the wall. The atmosphere was incredible. Everyone was one big family. Very careful or everyone elses move and considerate. Everyone looking after one another. Good people and good times, and I would definitely like to try this again when we work our way up North.

Last night crashed at Bryans highschool friends place in Townsville, enjoyed a few beers and a few too many pizzas. The night was cut short as we needed to be up at the crack of dawn for a chat with the man that may or may not be capable of getting me a job. We continued to a grocery store to pick up some supplies for however long we decided to be away for. Then we drove…

Our first stop, Wallaman Falls. The largest single drop waterfall in Australia. Never in my life have I ever seen anything like this. I thought the Rockies had amazing glacier falls, but this hardly compares. The surrounding area was rainforest, so humid I could barely breathe. We were at the lookout and being who Bryan was, he wanted to be closer. I highly agreed. We walked down the trail, hopped the “Caution: Please do not pass, fallen rock” sign and headed down. This trail was completely fine… The bottom was amazing. Misty and cool. Refreshing after the melting humidity in the jungle after a 350m decent. We had a quick bite to eat and went back to the top within half an hour. 

We quickly washed the sticking sweat off from a tap at the trailhead and continued on our way. Next destination, Mission Beach…where or on the way we decided to book an Extreme Whitewater Rafting trip for the next day at 8:30 am. How fun…. never a dull moment

I apologize for the short blog, but I am exhausted and there are so many things to say. I cant even put into words all the amazing things I have seen and experienced in the last 24 hours. I am totally content with everything, which is something I haven’t been able to say for quite a while. Feels good, feels really good. Totally free.

Song of the day: Save Tonight by Eagle Eyed Cherry