Living in the moment with consequences.


“While money can’t buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery.”
-Groucho Marx

In the last 16 days, a lot has changed. A recent realization of mine was that, unlike my last trip, I have about a third of the money and I am staying for about three times as long. Its work time and not every moment of this year can be a holiday. After an amazing week and a half road tripping all the way to Cape Tribulation, it was time to come back to reality. I have spent my emergency float money, and in those times I was living in the moment and not regretting a thing. I am soarly starting to regret my impulsive great barrier reef trip, staying in some not-so-cheap hostels, and more importantly having Bryan buy all the food and gas without me giving him a dime. Although I should not be regretting these experiences because they only come once in a life time, I can’t help have the thought go through my mind from time to time. It’s comes down to the fact that I was being naive when I thought getting a job here would be easy and that I would be more than capable of finding a job in one weeks tops. Not every part of a trip can be fun, and it is this part. Making a life somewhere else rather then my own hometown, without my families help, by myself and with no vehicle…what was I thinking. This blog is not to sit here and feel sorry for myself for I am still having an amazing time trying and soaking up the sun. But to point out the truths of working abroad.

I told myself before leaving home that I would not stress about money. Money is money and when I come home then I start dealing with the reality of it. But it’s easier said then done.

I was driven into to Townsville, a city of about 120,000 people to find work. I don’t know at what part of my journey I though this would be easy. But I would like to tell you all, that if your planning on doing what I am doing. Just be prepared to not find work for a lengthy period of time.

First: Always have an emergency fund. This will depend on how much you impulse lay spend and everyone’s will be different in some sort of way.

Second: I tried to find a job that would offer free accommodation. Do not bank on this. Find yourself a cheap hostel with weekly rates. Once you have stayed there for a while and rapport will be built and who knows you may be asked to do some cleaning in exchange for free accomodation.

Third: I see people all the time surviving on just noodles and bread. Buy yourself something healthy, at least this will make part of your day better. Nothing is worse than being penniless, jobless and without a good meal. It is crucial, may help you perform better.

Fourth: Adapt to the culture. I was told by the Swiss manager here at Civic Guest House in Townsville that every culture has a certain way of getting jobs. Design your resume in a way that is specific to the culture. For instance, people in Canada don’t typically put references… It is almost absolutely required of you in Australia.

Fifth: Australians are all about experience. If you have no waitressing or cafe experiences, you can almost guarantee yourself your not going to get it. Responsible Service of Alcohol licenses (RSA) is absolutely required of one who is servicing alcohol. No ifs ands or buts.

Sixth: This one may be harsh, but true. Australian culture is very laid back. If they do not call you, you have to be aggressive and go back and back. Show your interest

Seven: Do not apply for more than 3 jobs per day. People almost always accept the first job that comes there way but the could be better opportunities. Three per day allow you to control the situation and focus the time and energy into those ones rather than trying to follow the names of 15 places who are all trying to call you.

Eight: Wear nice clothes. I don’t care where you are, first impression is everything

Nine: Do online searches for agencies and send in your resume. Don’t forget to call them back. This is still counted as one for the three per day rule.

Ten: Dont tell lies. If your not planning on staying for a long time, don’t tell them you will. You are wrecking the chances of people like me to get long term jobs.

If anyone has any other advice or would like to correct me, please do. For I could use all the tricks for this next week. It will be a difficult one.

Song of the day: Trembling Hands by the Temper Trap


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