Fitness vs Flu


“A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I am afraid of widths”

-Steven Wright

I woke up this morning feeling very poorly. The inability to breath through my nose, a sore neck and a headache. I have been sick with the travelling flu for the fourth time since being away from home. I was surprised by this because Bryan, for the last week has been wanting to get me healthy as he lives a very active lifestyle. I take a multi vitamin, krill oil and vitamin b complex every morning and accompany this by a protein shake and a bowl of granola with natural greek yoghurt on top. We have lunch about five hours later and normally contains a salad or a dish that is low in carb. We normally set off to do our daily activities such as TRX, rowing, running or some sort of adrenaline pumping activity. We come home and drink amino acid shakes to help our bodies repair. Dinner is prepared by the two of us, normally around 7:30, that is again low in carbs, lots of green and a good protein. What follows this meal is normally another protein shake, green tea and or hot water with lemon. Bryan constantly makes sure that I am drinking enough water. So since being here I have not felt dehydrated. After a weeks worth of carefully planning out all meals and eating quite well, I am as sick as a dog. Utterly useless.

The daily activity today was again climbing. Bryan called up one of his friends, Wayne, from his climbing gym in Townsville. He had a bouldering wall in his garage, set up for him and his children Blaine and Taryn. Blaine was good, he had recently won a $75 cheque for being first in a climbing comp. He was 10 but what could be a rising climbing star. 

We popped on our shoes, still soaked from jumping into Echo Hole, two days before and began to climb. I tried, failed, tried, failed. Jesus, was I ever out of shape. Bryan and Wayne saw that I was getting frustrated as I watched them successfully climb every route. Wayne told us we could start making our own routes on the wall. We took of holds that needed changing. I picked a colour. Yellow it was. This was not my favourite colour, but it was chosen for the shape of holds. They seemed easy. Bryan picked the blue holds. They were the smallest holds, the trickiest. Typical Bryan, always wanting a challenge.

Once there were completed, we analyzed the routes. Ho to begin them with the least physical strain. Bryans was hard. I could not rate it. Wayne and Bryan tried it, both failed after repeated attempt. Moving on, was what we had all decided. My route was next. I tried, failed, tried, failed. I was so frustrated with myself. ” How could you let your body get so slack?” I talked about climbing all the time and when it actually came to perform, I was utter rubbish. I just wanted to climb, I loved the sport so much. Bryan and Wayne both gave it a go, and within very few attempts, they completed it. Successfully climbed my route without any issues. I was discouraged and looked down at my hands. They had gone numb and bright red. My forearms were pumping yet again. This was bound to be a bad blister in the morning. I had to stop. Bryan and I had planned much more climbing in the coming weeks and I had to let them heal.

At that same point I decided to rest, Michelle, Waynes wife called everyone inside for tea and biscuits. I felt ill and tea felt nice on my throat. I savoured everysip and enjoyed the chocolate biscuit, because there was no way in hell Bryan was allowing me to eat one in his house. This did not upset me, full knowing that he was only looking after my best interest. The young girl after showed me her guinea pig and the farm on which she lived. The boy came up to me and showed me the bow and arrow he hand crafted from a tree he had recently cut down in the field. I enjoyed the rest. What a beautiful farm, I thought to myself. What a beautiful day and the first one with no rain since I arrived.

We are currently back at the house, contemplating what to cook for dinner. All I know is that I want to be healthy, I want to look healthy and I want to eat healthy. I’m going to beat this flu and make myself healthy again. One step at a time. Period. Never again will I say that I cant do something because of my physical fitness levels. 

Song of the Day: Lion Heart by Emancipator


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